Bemberg Rayon Twill Lining - Maroon - 1/4m


This Japanese Bemberg rayon lining (sometimes referred to as Cupro or Bemberg viscose) is the lining choice of bespoke tailors and dressmakers the world over. Often considered superior to polyester and silk for Bemberg rayons breathability and strength, this pliant lining fabric has lovely soft drape and is suitable for lining heavier wool skirts, blazers, and coats. 

This lining is slightly heavier than the standard Bemberg lining.

Maroon is opaque.

Width: 145cm (58")

Content: 100% Rayon

Country of Manufacture: Japan

Care: Gentle cycle machine wash, hand wash, or dry clean.

We recommend pre-washing all fabric in the manner in which you will care for the finished garment.

Fabric is priced and sold by the 1/4 metre. We cut multiple 1/4 metres continuously. For example, if you select 4, your fabric will arrive cut as a single 1m piece. A single 1/4 metre will be cut as a fat quarter, unless otherwise requested.