Birch - School of fish - Orange - Knit - 1/4m

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This wonderful interlock from Birch Organic Fabrics is the perfect thing for baby and children's clothes or accessories, knit blankets, and any other project calling for some quirky and fun organic fabric! Schools of tiny cream fish swim on a rusty orange background (the actual fabric is slightly darker than the stock photo implies, it is closer to brown).

This 100% organic cotton interlock fabric stretches across the grain, but not have as much stretch as cotton/lycra and bamboo/cotton/lycra blend jerseys. But then, this is purely organic cotton, and that is pretty fab!

Manufacturer: Birch Organic Fabric
Width: 43" 
Weight: 200 gsm (5.9 oz/square yard) 
Content: 100% 

Fabric is priced and sold by the 1/4 metre. We cut multiple 1/4 metres continuously. For example, if you select 4, your fabric will arrive cut as a single 1m piece. A single 1/4 metre will be cut as a fat quarter, unless otherwise requested.