Cozy Scrappy Mittens - Family Edition


In this class, you will learn how to use old sweaters, scarves, and jackets to make cozy winter mittens.

You will have a choice of mitten sizes to create in class, and an opportunity to trace pattern templates to take home.
The registration for this class includes one child and one adult, who will each get to make a pair of mittens. They will share one machine and work together to make their mittens. You can bring an additional sewing machine to work side-by-side if wanted.
We will have materials you can use for this class, but feel free to bring any sweaters, scarves, jackets, etc that you wish to cut up to use in your mittens. We recommend 100% wool items which have been felted or fulled, or arctic fleece fabrics, however you can use almost anything that is fuzzy and warm.
We have sewing machines (Janome HD 5000) available for use during the class or you can bring your own.
Please indicate if you would like to use one of our machines or if you plan to bring your own.
All class registrations are subject to our registration policy .

Class will be held at the Spool & Spindle Studio:
142 Waterloo St.
Waterloo, On.
N2J 1Y2


Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Instructor: Kate