Hokkoh - Double Knit Sweater - Zebra


This amazing double knit sweater fabric from Japanese manufacturer, Hokkoh, is the perfect things for lightweight cardigans and sweaters! A summer Linden would be fabulous! A double knit fabric is two layers of knit fabric joined in places throughout - in this case the fabric is joined at the zebras, where the natural colour come to the forefront for a natural zebra on dark navy blue, and the blue yarn moves to the back for a navy blue zebra on natural. This results in a completely reversible fabric!

For scale: The zebras are approximately 6cm long.

Manufacturer: Hokkoh - Japanese
Width: 144cm (56") 
Weight: Light sweater knit
Content: 100% cotton

Made in Japan

Fabric is priced and sold by the 1/4 metre. We cut multiple 1/4 metres continuously. For example, if you select 4, your fabric will arrive cut as a single 1m piece. Hokkoh sweater knit cannot be cut as a fat quarter.