Intro to Mending


Whether it’s from rambunctious kids, your own clumsiness, or just because it’s your favourite shirt, our clothes often end up with holes, loose seams, or other signs of wear and tear.

Bring in a clothing item in need of repair and we’ll show you the skills needed to enact the repair, give you suggestions for alternate fixes, or suggest a way the item could be saved.  From missing buttons and ripped seams to holes in t-shirts, we can help you find a solution.

We will be covering basic mending in this class, including what to do with holes in wovens and knits, reattaching cuffs or collars, and what to do when things get threadbare.

All class registrations are subject to our registration policy .

Class will be held at the Spool & Spindle Studio:
142 Waterloo St.
Waterloo, On.
N2J 1Y2


Instructor: Kate