Sewing Bootcamp - Button Up Basics


Do you avoid certain projects because it has one thing you haven’t really explored before? Bootcamp to the rescue! Sign up for this unique lesson platform to focus on that one special skill that will take your sewing confidence to the next level. You can sign up for the session individually (take only the ones you need!) or take all of them to gain the confidence and skills to make your own button up shirt!

If you wish to purchase all three sessions, you can buy a voucher for discounted rate on the class here. 

Button up shirts don't need to be intimidating.  These sessions will break it down so you can tackle any collar or placket.  Each week we will cover one of the basic components of a button up - plackets, collars and cuffs - to give you the tips and tricks to make sewing dress shirts easier. We will do this using components from a printed pattern. We will provide fabric for your lesson.

Button Up Bootcamp: 7:00-9:30 pm

Training Day 1 (Feb 20): Button Plackets
Training Day 2 (Feb 27): Cuffs
Training Day 3 (Mar 6): Collars

 We have sewing machines (Janome HD 5000) available for use during the class or you can bring your own.

Please indicate if you would like to use one of our machines or if you plan to bring your own.

All class registrations are subject to our registration policy .

Class will be held at the Spool & Spindle Studio:
142 Waterloo St.
Waterloo, On.
N2J 1Y2

Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Teacher: Erin C