Thread Theory - Finlayson Sweater


This sweater is a grown up versionof the classic hoodie. It will be awardrobe staple due to its cozy boxyshape and hard wearing cuffedhems but there is no worry of lookinglike a slob while wearing it!
Bothversions contain stylish features thatelevate it beyond pure utilitarianism:Variation 1 features a unique squaredneckline and a stylish shawl collar.It also includes an optional necklinefacing that can be used to featurecontrast fabrics as a finishing touchto the garment interior. Variation2 includes a roomy lined hood thatcrosses over at the front to join tothe squared neckline as well as theclassic kangaroo pocket to protecthands from the elements.
Paper Sewing Pattern Includes:
1) A tissue copy of the pattern in sizesXS to XXL
2) A 16 page staple bound illustrated instruction booklet (lays flat while sewing!)
3) An embroidered Thread Theory garment tag
4) A chip board pattern folder with string closure - simple to use and sturdy enough to store your patterns for years to come

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