Travel Sew Kit


Personalize your own cute travel kit to have your projects on the go! This easy to stitch kit will carry snips, thread, needles, and other small odds and ends to help you finish a project or make a quick mend whenever and wherever you need.
Skills required for this class:
Basic sewing machine skills
Basic pattern reading skills
Setting a snap
If you aren’t confident in the above skills, don’t fret too much! We’ll be able to help you in class.

We will be providing the materials you will need for this class. This will be 0.25 meter (fat or skinny quarter is fine) of a decorative fabric for the pockets, accents, and edges, 0.25 meter (fat or skinny quarter is fine) of a more durable fabric for holding the shape, and some felt. You are welcome to bring some of your own fabric to add additional accents and decoration to your sewing kit!

Please note that we will not be including the items that go inside the kit. This class is for sewing the holding part of the kit only. If you have specific tools you wish to have fit this kit, be sure to bring them with you! The kit itself is created with a one-size-fits-most concept in mind.

We have sewing machines (Janome HD 5000) available for use during the class or you can bring your own.

Please indicate if you would like to use one of our machines or if you plan to bring your own.

We recommend bringing a bagged lunch for any sessions that run over lunchtime.

All class registrations are subject to our registration policy .

Class will be held at the Spool & Spindle Studio:
142 Waterloo St.
Waterloo, On.
N2J 1Y2

Level: Beginner

Instructor: Shevaun