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Dressed For Disaster Mini Zine

Sew Irregular


We are absolutely in love with Sew Irregular Zine! It celebrates clothing cultures beyond fast fashion, making our sewist hearts feel warm and full! This is a mini spin-off personal zine from the full-sized Sew Irregular.

Even in DIY / slow fashion spaces we often present ourselves and our clothing in an idealised way - we keep the mess and awkwardness of our lives carefully cropped out of frame. This zine is an attempt to bust out of those habits and share a few of my odder, more chaotic personal stories and the garments that help tell the tales...'

This is an 8 page A5 (6"x8.5") mini zine printed in black on green paper. All artwork is hand drawn and includes comics as well as paper dolls.

DFD is a one off perzine, intended as a spin-off from my main ongoing zine Sew Irregular, which celebrates clothing cultures beyond fast fashion.

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