Our Instructors


Amaryah deGroot

Amaryah deGroot is a seamstress and fiber artist; a teacher of several textile techniques including felting, weaving and sewing; and the owner of Sew Oiseau, a line of woolen clothes for women and children.

Lyn Laforet

Lyn Laforet is a high school music teacher and musician who is inspired by all things creative. She learned to sew to make clothes for her son and fell in love with garment sewing. She is proud to have a home-sewn wardrobe both inside and out.

Erin Wilk

Erin Wilk started sewing as a child and still has the quilt she made with her mom (it looks pretty good so she’s pretty sure her mom did most of it). She makes vinyl robot pouches (www.robotaday.com), and has been letting handmade items take over her wardrobe one t-shirt at a time. She’s probably better at sewing than she is at writing bios in the third person, but at least this time she didn’t mention her love of Star Wars. oops.

Caroline Simpson

Caroline is one of the co-owners of Spool & Spindle, but during the day, she works as a software developer. She bought a sewing machine after graduating from university, because she thought that was a grown-up thing to do. Eventually she learned how to use it, and fell in love with the idea of making her own clothes. So much so, that when the opportunity arose to open this store and share the love of sewing with others, she jumped right in.

Kate Motz

Kate Motz is a lifelong student of our grandmothers’ handcrafts. Learning how to sew and knit in her elementary school years her passion has snowballed into adulthood to include ALL THE FIBRE CRAFTS! She is particularly partial to knitting, embroidery, and hand sewing, and loves the challenge of an up-cycling and mending old garments.

Erin Copeland

Erin Copeland is very awesome, but has not yet provided a teacher bio. One thing we do know about her: she's very, very good at sewing.

Shevaun Morrison

Shevaun is also very awesome, but also hasn't provided us with a teacher bio. We can tell you she likes to sew plush, and has an embroidery machine. See? We knew you would be interested!