Fabric Friends,

Sadly, Spool & Spindle will be closing the fabric portion of our business on August 15th (printing will continue, more on that below). Due to a combination of factors, both financial and personal, the shop can not continue in its current iteration. This is, I agree, a gigantic bummer. An absolute behemoth of a bummer, a bummer the size of Neptune (trust me, I can joke, but it’s absolutely a coping mechanism).  

What this means for you:

  1. Sales! From now until we close, we’re having an escalating series of sales on pretty much everything. We’re also still getting shipments from suppliers, so all new fabric will be added to the current sale.
  2. The minimum order amount on a fabric will be 0.5m (sorry, no more fat or skinny quarters), but you can still order in quarter metre increments after that. 
  3. Multiple orders can not be combined or cut together. We regret that we can not hold your orders to combine shipping. 
  4. Our Free Shipping threshold is changing: orders over $250 will now ship free in Canada and the US. Shipping costs have increased dramatically, and with the coming sales, we can’t afford to offer it at the lower point.
  5. If you are a Club Subscriber: we’ve sent information with the current box; bimonthly/quarterly subscriptions are already cancelled, but those who paid for a year up front will need to contact us to let us know if they prefer a refund or credit for the remaining amount.
  6. If you have Stash Points, use them now, as the program won’t continue after August. You can use stash points even with the markdowns and sale discounts! It’s bananas, but we love you. Stash points will no longer be able to be earned, though you can still spend them. Stash points are only redeemable on orders over $50 (pre-tax and shipping). 
  7. If you have a Gift Card with balance remaining, it will be cancelled at the end of August, so use it up now. We’re emailing everyone we can who has an active balance, but feel free to reach out!
  8. In the interest of streamlining the closing process, we are no longer providing swatches.

We absolutely, completely, and unequivocally appreciate the love and support you’ve all shown us through the years. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you. We will miss seeing your makes, both online and in person, and miss geeking out over sewing things with you. 

Now for the silver lining: PDF Pattern Printing will continue under the Spool & Spindle name, helmed by our very own Jenn, who you all know from getting your printing done already. She’s a superstar, you’re in good hands. Jenn is exacting, hilarious, and might be the smartest person I know (great fashion sense too). She’s already responsible for the amazing printing service you’re used to, so you know you’ll be getting the quality and attention to detail you’ve come to expect from Spool & Spindle printing. She’s taking the mailing list with her; so stay subscribed to get all the deets. 

Please note that I have not heard from the mirror universe version of our shop, Thread & Thimble, so if you do find an interdimensional axis point, you may still be able to shop from them. That’s up to you. We never did figure out which one of us was the evil one. 

Lots of love,

Erin, on behalf of Caroline, Melissa, Steph, Teresa, and Jenn (who is a bit embarrassed by what Erin wrote about her).