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When adding fabric to your cart, if you are purchasing a single quarter metre, you will have to option to choose a fat or a skinny quarter. (If you are purchasing more than a quarter metre, the amount you are purchasing is shown; ie, 0.5m, 0.75m, 1m, 1.25m, etc)

What's a Skinny Quarter?

A skinny quarter is the full width of the fabric, by 0.25m. It's a long, skinny rectangle. It gives you lots of width, but not much height. It's great if you're doing necklines for ribbing, straps, waistbands, belts, headbands, etc.

skinny quarter of fabric

 What's a Fat Quarter?

A fat quarter is half the width of the fabric, by 0.5m. It's a squarer rectangle. You get twice as much height, but half the width. It's great for headbands, masks, ribbing for cuffs, or anything where you need more depth.

fat quarter

You can choose which cut you want!

When adding fabric to your cart, if you are purchasing a single quarter metre, you will have the option to choose a fat or a skinny quarter. (If you are purchasing more than a quarter metre, the amount you are purchasing is shown; ie, 0.5m, 0.75m, 1m, 1.25m, etc) 

What about longer cuts?

Below, you can see that there really isn't a difference between a half metre made with fat quarters or skinny quarters. It's still the full width of the fabric x 0.5m, in one uncut piece. 

a diagram of half a metre made using skinny quarters

From half a metre up, we measure in 0.25m increments, which you can see below. We always leave the yardage uncut and continuous- your order will come as the length you ordered.

>a diagram showing a 0.75m cut of fabric

You can ALWAYS see how much fabric you're ordering in our cart, and before you add it to the cart on the product page. No guessing or math required.



Flat rate shipping with Canada Post within Canada & the US. 

Orders over $250 ship free in Canada, and orders over $250 ship free to the US.

Local Delivery is available for Kitchener and Waterloo ONLY.

orders over $250 can be delivered for free.

Local curbside pick up is free, for any size of order.

See our Shipping Policy for pricing and details.

Please note: Canada Post is currently experiencing some delays in shipping, and is not consistently scanning tracking numbers. We have had some packages arrive quite quickly, while other packages have experienced delays. Please be patient, we are as eager as you are for your order to arrive. At this time, there is nothing we can do about the length of shipping transit time. 


Curbside pick-up is free, and can be chosen as a shipping option during check out. Our curbside pick-up hours are:

Tuesday - Friday: 12pm - 3pm
Thursday Evening: 6:30pm - 8pm
Saturday: 10am - 1pm

When you arrive at the front door of our building to pick up your order, please either call us at 519-342-6600, or ring the doorbell, and let us know the order name and number, and if you also had prints. If you are picking up more than one order, please let us know that, too. We will bring your order out and set it on the chair just outside the door. Please stay well back, to allow our employees ample room for social distancing. 


 We offer a rewards program; you can collect Stash Rewards as you shop. The Stash Rewards are accessed through the blue button in the lower righthand corner of the homepage:

Clicking on it brings up the stash rewards menu. From here you can sign up or sign in.



It's easy to sign up! Just use the same e-mail and name information you use for your Spool + Spindle account. Once you've created your account, or signed in, you'll see all the options available to you. you can earn points by making a purchase, referring a friend, celebrating a birthday, and following us on socials. Just click "Ways to Earn" to see them all. To redeem your points for a reward, click the "Ways to Redeem" button. 

You'll see a list of rewards, from coupon amounts to free shipping. Just click on the one you want!

For dollar amount coupons, just move the slider to the amount you want your coupon to be.


Once you click redeem, you'll see a code that you can enter during checkout (or click the apply button to have it automatically apply to your cart). Points can not be redeemed with any other coupon offer. 

You can use this dashboard to check on your points at any time! 


Buy a spool of matching thread or request a swatch directly from a product! On each product page, you'll find a button to add matching thread to your order, or to request a sample (samples are free!). Using these tells us exactly what fabrics to match when you buy a Thread Match. You can still use the old format, if your thread is not to match one of our fabrics. You'll see the listing for a matching spool of thread in your cart (and you can adjust the number you need).

Just click the Add Matching Thread Button. You'll need to add your fabric separately. 

To request a swatch, just navigate to the fabric you want a swatch of and click the Request a Swatch button. This will add a swatch to your cart, and you can check out as normal. Make sure you're on the correct colour of fabric! We reserve the right to refuse swatches if we don't have much of the fabric left. 


We love large format prints! We print on really large paper, that's a heavier weight (no tissue!). For PDF prints, each page (36 x 48 ins) costs $4.50. We are only able to print copyshop and A0 sized files. Most patterns are between 1-3 pages, though some are occasionally more. If you can't tell how many pages your file is, we can figure that out for you. If you purchase too few pages we will invoice you for the difference, if you purchase too many we will refund you the overage. 

To ship within Canada, if folded, the cost is $12. If you prefer the prints rolled into a tube, we can ship them for $15. Print orders containing 1-2 pages only, can be shipped via lettermail for $4. Prints can be ordered on our website, and you can submit your files there as well; the shipping options will be listed during check out.


Step 1: Navigate to our Pattern Printing page (click Shop in the main menu, and then PDF PRINTING)

Step 2: Click on the PDF Printout listing

Step 3: Click Choose File, which will bring up a menu of options from your computer

Step 4: Choose the file you want printed, and click "okay". Not sure which file? Choose the one that says A0, Copyshop, Wide Format, Printshop, Large Format, or Arch E.

Step 5: let us know what we're printing! Include the pattern name, and any printing instructions in the printing notes (black and white or colour printing, if you only want specific layers printed).

Step 6: choose the number of pages your file is (not sure? No problem! We'll invoice you for any extra, or refund you if it's not as long as you thought!).

Step 7: Choose how many copies of the print you want

Step 8: Add to cart!
That's it! You'll see it in your cart and you can check out as usual.


We are currently a mainly on-line only shop. We are open to drop-in shopping on Saturdays from 10am-3pm, and we are not running classes. We are still process and shipping orders, as well as running curbside pick-up and local delivery to residents of Kitchener/Waterloo. We ship anywhere in Canada and the US. At this time we are not able to take orders by phone; our fulfillment team is quite busy. Please use our website or email us if you need help.

We've made the switch to online, but we're still here for you! All the advice, discussions, support and amazing fabric you knew from our shop are still here, ready to deploy! Just drop us an e-mail if you need some advice, suggestions, or a little nudge to get you sewing.

To keep our employees safe, we have limited the number of employees in the shop at a time, have instituted an increased cleaning regime, and actively monitor employees before their shift. We also offer our employees paid sick leave, including any time they need off for testing, quarantine, or vaccination appts.  


We have everything you need for mask making. You can find elastic, nose ties, fabrics, and mask making kits here. you can find Non-woven Polypropylene here.


Can you tell me when you are getting X in / can you put me on a waiting list?

Send us an e-mail and we will do our best! With the global pandemic impacting shipping logistics, we can't always promise when something will arrive, but we'll let you know as soon as it does.

Can I add something to my order?

Absolutely! Please email us and we will add the items to your order and invoice you accordingly. Once orders have shipped, we can no longer make changes. 

You can also place additional orders, adding a note at checkout to combine with your existing order, and we will do our best to ensure they get combined appropriately. 

How long will my order take to fill?

Our fulfillment team is working as fast as possible to prepare your orders. We are also taking extra measures to ensure the health and safety of our team, which include limiting the number of staff in the shop at any time and extra cleaning. In general, we fill orders same or next day (excepting weekends). Our customer service team will let you know as soon as it is ready to pick up or it ships.

Can I rent/borrow/buy one of your class machines?

At this time our machines are unavailable.