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Mini Maker Embroidery Stitch Kit - Floral Wreath

mini maker


Learn a new skill with Mini Maker! Adult craft kits in stitchery, macramé, paint pouring (and more!) let you try a new craft before going all in. Mini Maker offers bite-sized craft experiences without a huge investment of time and money to get started. Check out our hands-on activities that include everything to complete the project, plus easy instructions. Whether you’re looking for a fun project with friends, the perfect git or just a great rainy day activity, Mini Maker brings creativity to everyday life.

So we don’t want to brag or influence you in any way (yes, we do), but this Double Hoop Floral Wreath Embroidery Kit is simply spectacular! Did you catch the part where there are two magnificent hoops? Yes, inside this kit, you’ll find said double hoops along with everything else you need to embroider and display your fabulous Floral Wreath:

  • 8" hoop
  • 4" hoop
  • 22 floss colors
  • Stamped fabric
  • Needle
  • Easy-to-follow instructions

As an added bonus, the pattern is pre-printed on the enclosed fancy fabric (no need to transfer!), so it’s ideal for beginners and embroidery enthusiasts alike. Yields one (double hoop!) wreath of embroidered excellence.

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