Quilting Cotton - Best of Morris - Songbirds - Brown - 1/4m
Quilting Cotton - Best of Morris - Songbirds - Brown - 1/4m
Quilting Cotton - Best of Morris - Songbirds - Brown - 1/4m

Quilting Cotton - Best of Morris - Songbirds - Brown - 1/4m

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What does this mean?

You enter a deep, dark wood, the undergrowth thick and the canopy so heavy with leaves that only random spiked of sunlight filter through to light your way. Picking your way along what appears to be a game trail, you're deeply aware of the unnatural stillness of the woods; no animals stir, no leaves are rustled in a breeze, and the trees refuse to divulge their secrets.

But then the soft sound of birdsong reaches you from somewhere to the south. You follow the sound and come to a clearing filled with the sweet scent of fruit trees in bloom (which seems impossible, since it's winter, but it's not the weirdest thing you've seen today). Birds of many types are nesting in the trees, singing and chatting merrily with each other.

One of them notices you: "Hello friend! Welcome to the land of songs, where all may stay. If you stay long enough, you'll become a bird like us, singing forever. Doesn't that sound great?"

Should you stay and see what it's like? Or run away as fast as you can?

  • Vendor: Moda
  • Collection: Best of Morris
  • Designer: Barbara Brackman
  • Width: 111cm / 44"
  • Content: 100% cotton
  • Weight: quilting cotton
  • Opacity: opaque
  • Stretch: none
  • Drape: good body, structured drape
  • Care: wash cold, hand to dry or tumble dry low
  • Best suited for: structured garments, quilts, bags

Fabric is priced and sold by the 1/4 metre. We cut multiple 1/4 metres continuously. A single 1/4 metre will be cut as a fat quarter, unless you request a skinny quarter. Fat Quarters are half the width of the fabric x 0.5m, whereas Skinny Quarters are the full width of the fabric x 0.25m. We do this so you can order just as much fabric as you need, to decrease fabric wastage.

While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our photos, please be aware that we cannot control for individual monitor or display settings and colours may appear different in person than on screen.

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