New Arrivals: Wool, Velvet, Double Gauze, and much more New Arrivals: Wool, Velvet, Double Gauze, and much more

SALE BUNDLE - Denim Remnant Bundle


$46.00 $57.93

Remnant Bundles are whatever we had left in the shop. they're a ragtag crew of hidden gems and oddballs. Sometimes a little dusty, sometime with small flaws, odd cuts, or assorted personalities. I've noted any flaws that we've noticed, with the caveat that I am sadly, only human (no superpowers yet), and thus am not all-knowing, all-seeing, or without flaws myself (this is all to say, we may have missed some). I did make sure I had at least ONE coffee today, so my brain is mostly working, at least for a certain definition of "working". Please note all bundles and remnants are final sale. They have been marked down heavily from the original price. 


This Bundle Contains:

Allegro 9.5oz dark blue - 0.24m+0.51m

Allegro 9.5 oz black - 0.49m

Allegro 9.5oz olive - 0.49m

Ultrasoft Black - 0.47m

Hemp/Cotton Medium Blue - 0.62m

Rigid Denim bleached - 0.28m

Midnight Rainbow Rigid - Fat Quarter


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