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SALE PATTERN BUNDLE - Costume Pattern Bundle



These pattern bundles are made up over overstock, older cover, or slightly bruised patterns. The covers may have some wear and tear, but the patterns themselves are intact.

Remnant Bundles are whatever we had left in the shop. I've scoured the nooks, crannies, corners, and hoarding boxes. I've braved area of the shop that no sane person would go into, to find all the left over bots, bobs, and boos for you. There's treasure, there's weird cuts and odd shapes, and there are sometimes flaws. I've tried to note any I find, but I'm only human and far from perfect so I admit I might have missed some. Also sometimes I forget to bring a coffee to the shop and then I'm practically useless. Please note all bundles and remnants are final sale. They have been marked down heavily from the original price. 

Costume Pattern Bundle: 3x Burda Kids pattern (pirate, knight, Robin Hood), Whale Family Pattern, Sew Irregular Zine, Book: The Hero's Closet

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