Fall in love with hand stitching with this traditional Japanese mending style that focusses on geometric shapes, and elevates the humble running stitch to an art form! Sashiko means “little stabs” and refers to the short stitches used to create strength and beauty in well loved places. Nothing in need of mending? Use Sashiko to stunning effect to decorate or quilt garments, blankets, pillows, and accessories. Sashiko is best suited to woven fabrics. Bring something to mend or decorate!
Please bring an item you would like to mend. We recommend fabrics such as denim, twill, or other heavyweight wovens. We will have all the other supplies on hand (as well as some extra items if you forget yours!)
All class registrations are subject to our registration policy .

Class will be held at the Spool & Spindle Studio:
142 Waterloo St.
Waterloo, On.
N2J 1Y2


Instructor: Kate